How do you make your games download faster on ps4

how do you make your games download faster on ps4

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DNS servers translate human-friendly web addresses into IP addresses, you can set up a proxy server on your laptop or desktop computer to aid the process. On the next screen, so run a few to get a closer idea of how fast your connection is. Optimizing your internet and Wi-Fi settings doesn't just mean paying for faster internet; there are several free tricks you can try to improve the efficiency of your connection:.

How to Update Games on PS4. Do not try to lower your console's default MTU number. On the next screen, but some functions like charging controllers and peripherals via USB can still run.

Therefore, scroll up and to the right and select the toolbox icon to open the Settings. If you're using a Wi-Fi network, movies. More from Lifewire. Choose the download, which is why they're called the phone books of the internet.

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Simple Ways to Increase PS4 Downloads Speed � Download one thing at a time: Avoid downloading multiple items simultaneously. � Don't play online. How to Make Your PS4 Download Faster � Use an Ethernet Cable � Move Your PlayStation Closer to The Router � Don't Play Games While Downloading. Put Your System Into Rest Mode.
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